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Despite the recent changes to the state's guidance on the mask mandate, our COVID-19 protocols will not be changing at this time.

We will continue to require staff, patients, and families of patients to wear a mask, even if vaccinated. We will continue to screen each person entering the clinic for symptoms, exposure, and temperature, as well as limiting the number of family members accompanying each patient.

Masking, social distancing, and handwashing has been shown to be effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19. And we will continue to use these measures to provide a safe clinic environment for all. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Stay safe!!

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  • Northeast Dallas Allergy

Vaccine hubs are being created this week to help with vaccine distribution. Check out more info at

Other possible ways to receive vaccination at this time:

  1. Parkland Hospital- If you have had a clinic appt at Parkland in the last year and are in Tier 1a or 1b, then go to to set up a MyChart account. Once that is complete, you will be able to see whether there are any available appts for vaccination.

  2. UTSW- If you have been seen in a UTSW clinic in the past 3 years, then make sure you have a MyChart account by downloading the MyChart app. If you are in Tier 1a or 1b, you will see an icon notating that you are eligible to receive vaccination. Click on the icon to check for availability.

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  • Northeast Dallas Allergy

We have started to receive many questions about COVID vaccination. Check out our FB page for medical information regarding the vaccines. Currently, people in Tier 1a (health care workers, long term care residents) and Tier 1b (those > 65 years old or > 16 yo with particular chronic conditions) are qualified to receive vaccines at this time. However, finding vaccinations can be difficult.

Some strategies to employ: Check with your local county or city health department. Check out the weekly allocation list Call pharmacies/ clinics in your area that are due an allocation to find out their specific guidelines for vaccination.

Some helpful websites:

  1. Tarrant County:

  2. Denton County:

  3. Dallas County:

  4. Collin County:

  5. Garland, Rowlett, & Sachse:

  6. Walgreens:

We will update information as we find it. However, it seems that persistence is key!

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