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  • Northeast Dallas Allergy

Our office will now be open on Wednesdays starting the week of May 18th, 2020.

We will continue to screen all of our patients for COVID-19 symptoms. If you have a fever, shortness of breath, cough, have had close contact with someone with COVID-19, or if you have had a COVID-19 viral test that is positive or pending, please call our office BEFORE arriving. We may convert you to a telemedicine appointment or refer you to get COVID testing.

Please note that the Texas Medical Board requires that all visitors to health care settings be wearing a facial covering.

We will continue to socially distance in our waiting room. Please limit one parent for pediatric appointments. Do not bring additional family members to your appointment unless absolutely needed.

Office hours starting May 18th, 2020:

Monday 8- 6

Tuesday 8-5

Wednesday 7:30- 12

Thursday 8-5


**Last shot 30 minutes before close

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  • Northeast Dallas Allergy

Hello patients! We hope that you are staying well during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely following the guidelines from local authorities as well as public health leaders in determining how best to keep our staff and patients protected as we start to open the economy.

  • Until further notice, we are still requesting that all patients wear a face covering while in our office. We will amend this based on regulations from Dallas County leaders. Dallas County cases are still rising as of writing of this post.

  • We still ask that patients bring no more than one person with them to an appointment. For pediatric patients, please try to have only one parent/ guardian with the child.

  • We will continue to have telemedicine appointments to help reduce foot traffic through our clinic. If you are not getting an allergy shot or another procedure at your appt, you might be asked to instead have an appointment over video chat.

  • We will continue with social distancing in our waiting room. If our waiting room is too full, you might be asked to wait in an exam room or in your car (before an allergy shot is given)

Please take note of our shot hours through May 15th, 2020:

Monday: 8:30- 5  **on May 4th we will be open 8-11 for shots

Tuesday: 8- 4:30 pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 8-4:30 pm


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  • Northeast Dallas Allergy

Starting Saturday 4/18/2020, Dallas County has mandated that all visitors to an essential business must be wearing a facial covering. Please make sure you have a facial covering on BEFORE you enter our office. Thanks.

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